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Pixel Mirage

Yup!  I told you that i’d bring some goodies !

Man! I haven’t seen water in like 2 years… and i’m not talking about drinking water. While i’m still not sure whether i’ll be able to see some or not, i made this relaxing beach wallpaper that’s definetly yelling out: “Don’t work today! Just put me on your screen, search for those dusty chillout vacation CDs and sit the hell back on your chair !”

Free download here !


Summer updates!

Hello !!! Summer is back and so am i with a few updates. Make sure to see them on my official website. Will probably return with another set of personal projects, maybe some wallpapers or prints… i dunno yet, we’ll see. Thanx ! bye bye

Hi ! I know it’s been a while since i posted anything on this blog. I’ll try to make it up to you by saying that i have updated my official portfolio with some new projects.

Till next time !


Official Website Launched

Yay ! My official web portfolio is up and running: and that’s thanx to Claudiu Apetrei who really helped me out with the development of the website.

Needless to say that only a few of my selected client and personal projects will ever make it on my official website. The rest will still be available for viewing here on my blog so don’t forget to check back every now and then.

Alright, i’ll see you guys later !


Ace of Space

Made this for a friend as a token of appreciation. Please click on the thumb below and view full size 🙂 Enjoy



Advertising Agency Website

After their identity, came the website. Colourful, friendly, modern, easy to navigate, all that without losing it’s business approach. Below you will find a screenshot of the site, or click this link to see it for yourself:



They loved it 🙂 See the id kit below

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