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Clickloud available !

Hi !

Clickloud is now coded and availabe for purchase as a full website template.

Buy it here:


New stuff!

Yup, new stuff added to my portfolio. Some proposals, a print, but most importantly another web template for sale which can be bought on ThemeForest. To be honest things haven’t been going well lately, it seems the market collapse is affecting everyone who’s trying to make an honest buck. So i decided to battle it out on in hopes of making some financial progress but it seems i have no luck yet. Things better change soon or i may actually need to get a job 🙂

Bye !

My first Template for Sale

Hi, here’s my first web template for sale on It’s cheap, it looks great and it’s customizable.

Will probably have a coded version for sale as well. If i do i’ll update this post.


Official Website Launched

Yay ! My official web portfolio is up and running: and that’s thanx to Claudiu Apetrei who really helped me out with the development of the website.

Needless to say that only a few of my selected client and personal projects will ever make it on my official website. The rest will still be available for viewing here on my blog so don’t forget to check back every now and then.

Alright, i’ll see you guys later !


Advertising Agency Website

After their identity, came the website. Colourful, friendly, modern, easy to navigate, all that without losing it’s business approach. Below you will find a screenshot of the site, or click this link to see it for yourself:



Dog portal

I was commissioned to make the identity and layout for a portal containing useful information about dogs. They aimed for a cool, modern new identity and site look. Although it will take some time until the coding will be ready you may see the preview and logo below.

Web developer website

Claudiu Apetrei is a talented web developer who seeked a fresh and compelling new look for his online portfolio and so i was asked to design his logo and home page layout. This site will be online pretty soon and you will be able to see it at Till then, check the screenshot below.

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