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I am releasing this photo under the GNU GPL 3.0 license:

© 2014 Razvan Garofeanu.



Blog Closed!

This blog is now closed. I initially wanted to delete the thing but then i realized that this is part of my history… so i’m gonna keep it just for the sake of remembering all those years that shaped my personality and professionalism.

Find me at:

Here’s to life!



The end of an era… the beginning of a new one

Yes i have an office job… believe it or not. They are called MBDragan and they’re a bunch of fun to be around people 🙂

I’m about done with setting up my office pc. It needs a personal touch so that it will make me feel whole again 😛

Hopefully i’ll freelance in my spare time, that is if i’ll still have the mental energy to do so. Who knows… time will tell.

I salute you all ! old and new friends/coleagues/clients!


First 2010 updates !


First of all happy new year ! Second of all, have a look at some of  my new portfolio additions:

Alright, that’s it.

You know where to find me !

New stuff!

Yup, new stuff added to my portfolio. Some proposals, a print, but most importantly another web template for sale which can be bought on ThemeForest. To be honest things haven’t been going well lately, it seems the market collapse is affecting everyone who’s trying to make an honest buck. So i decided to battle it out on in hopes of making some financial progress but it seems i have no luck yet. Things better change soon or i may actually need to get a job 🙂

Bye !

Pixel Mirage

Yup!  I told you that i’d bring some goodies !

Man! I haven’t seen water in like 2 years… and i’m not talking about drinking water. While i’m still not sure whether i’ll be able to see some or not, i made this relaxing beach wallpaper that’s definetly yelling out: “Don’t work today! Just put me on your screen, search for those dusty chillout vacation CDs and sit the hell back on your chair !”

Free download here !

Summer updates!

Hello !!! Summer is back and so am i with a few updates. Make sure to see them on my official website. Will probably return with another set of personal projects, maybe some wallpapers or prints… i dunno yet, we’ll see. Thanx ! bye bye

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